Jouz 20

Untuk perokok yang lebih aktif yang mendambakan daya pakai baterai lebih lama.Nikmati 20 heat-not-burn sticks hanya dengan sekali charge.

· Li-ion rechargeable battery
· Kapasitas 1250mAh
· Input 5V 0.4A
· Dimensi 22.6 x 23.6 x 101 mm
· Berat 58g

Prepared for Perfection

Just like making the perfect cup of coffee, jouz uses precise and consistent temperature control to extract maximum flavor.​

Flavor Down to a Science

A unique air channel design supplies the optimun air volume and temperature for irresistible flavor.

Take Charge

High efficiency batteries allow for 20 6-min usages from a single charge. The casual user can even enjoy up to 30 sticks with jouz.

Savor The Moment

Regardless of your style, jouz is a complementary accessory to your well-cultivated image.

A Touch of Class

A single button controls all of jouz's functionality; with seamless LEDs to indicate status.

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